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Keep your AirTot™ close by as you travel! Pick from one of our qualified
fighter pilots to help keep your car smelling amazing! Use essential oils or fragrance oils to get rid of the bad odor and replace it with a healthy,
natural fragrance!

Our aroma pads last 3-4 weeks...choose from our wide range of fragrances
or make your own!


* How does it work?

Detach your AirTot™ from their cockpit to reveal the oil pad below. Add your
favorite oil or fragrance and get that AirTot™ back into their cockpit and ready for takeoff! Attach your AirTot™ to any air vent with the silicon grippy that won't scrape or damage your vents!

We Haven't Found A Car It Doesn't Work On!!
If you have a vent, it'll work... even Tesla's!

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